About Us

Animal Ways is a website that educates readers about animals that you can trust and return to whenever needed. 

About the Author

Teresa, the writer of Animal Ways, studies different animals and loves to write articles on them and share her knowledge. She has studied canine behaviour and nutrition and can’t wait to learn more about zoology in her next course adventure.

Teresa Milne says: Learning is a beautiful thing, but sharing it is even better!

Teresa Milne

Teresa has had an avid interest in animals for many years. She looked after and was around several different animals from a very early age. 

Growing up in this environment allowed her to become an animal lover at a very young age and understand animals and their behaviours.

Teresa’s love of writing!

Not only does Teresa love to learn. She also has a passion for writing and laying out information in an informative, easy-to-read way for everyone to grasp quickly and enjoy.

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