Hippopotamuses are also known as hippos, are large semi-aquatic mammals that live in Africa. They eat mainly plants and spend time in the water. There are only two kinds of hippos: pygmy hippos and common hippos.

a small hippo ear close up

Why Are Hippos Ears So Small? (Includes Other Body Adaptions)

The hippopotamus has small ears because they are an adaptation. They can close their ears with the help of their ear lobes when they are underwater. These small ears also help them to avoid water-related infections. Already we know that hippopotamuses are a semi-aquatic animal that spends most of their life in water. Having more …

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Oxpeckers birds on the back of Hippos at Khwai river

Why Do Birds Sit On Hippos?

Since hippos can’t reach every corner of their massive body, many parasites and ticks cause health problems. The birds you see sitting on the hippos are plucking parasites, ticks, ear wax and dead skin off their back. These little birds known as oxpeckers are doing the hippopotamuses a massive favour. These birds feed on the parasite, ticks …

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hippo eating grass

What Do Hippos Eat?

The hippopotamus belongs to the family Hippopotamidae of the type genus. After the elephants and rhinoceros, they are the third-largest land animals. They are considered the deadliest land animals that can pose threats to living beings.  Hippos eat leaves, grass, fruits, ferns and roots. Hippos can eat about 80 pounds of food each night. When …

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Aggressive hippo charging, mouth open

Hippos Are The Deadliest Animal On The Planet (Explained)

Don’t get fooled by the look of a hippopotamus. Although hippos might seem to be cute, chubby and cuddly animals, they are not!. Hippos are the most deadly animal on Earth. They can kill people. More people get killed by hippos than any other animal every year. Hippos have an extremely strong bite force of …

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Floating hippo poop

Why Do Hippos Spray Poop?

By nature, hippos are very territorial. Male hippos spray poop to mark their territory and to impress the female hippopotamuses. The dominant male hippos create an area for themselves in water bodies of rivers or lakes by using their poop. It helps the other males to avoid invading the territory of a male dominant. It also helps …

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Adult hippo and a baby hippo standing up

Learn About The Hippopotamus (Appearance, Behaviour, And Reproduction)

The hippopotamus is one of the most popular wild animals around the world. From the kids to the adults, everyone loves these gigantic animals. Also known as river horse or water horse. The hippopotamus is an enormous semi-aquatic animal native to the Sub-Saharan region of Africa. It is one of the two existing species that …

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