Elephant with tusk in the air and mountains behind him

Can Elephants Jump? (Why Not)

Elephants are beautiful giant living land mammals. They have strong legs that hold their massive body up. These animals also have many admirable qualities. They are very intelligent, have an excellent sense of smell, and rarely get cancer. Just like humans, elephants also have a complex social life. However, they lack some behavioural qualities compared …

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Elephant with big tasks

Can An Elephant Swim?

If you love to watch animals on television, you may have seen elephants playing with water in the wild. Even if you visit a safari park, you can often find elephants excitedly playing with water. From that, one can easily assume that elephants love water. But it does not answer the question, whether elephants can …

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Honeypot Ant in some soil

Are Honeypot Ants Dangerous?

Honeypot ants are not dangerous. They will never sting or bite you, but their main diet is flowers – which means they’re pretty destructive to your garden! About Honeypot Ants They are often found in dessert and other arid locations, such as the southern United States, Mexico, southern Africa and Australia. Worker honey ants bring …

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Black and white cow in mid jump on the field

Can Cows Jump? (How High)

It’s a crazy sight, seeing a cow jump. Cows are so big and bulky to us humans, and it just doesn’t make sense. However, do you remember the nursery song that went Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle, the cow jumped over the moon? Well, surely that’s a good giveaway. Let’s find out …

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