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Are Hippos Related to Elephants? No, But These Animals Are!

No, hippos are not related to elephants. However, they share some distant relatives with these animals: pigs, whales and dolphins!

Now we know that hippos aren’t related to elephants. Let’s learn how they relate to pigs, whales and dolphins!


A cute piglet standing on some grass

Based on fossil evidence, hippos are, in fact, a sub-group of pigs. They share the four-toed ungulate foot with these animals and their stubby legs and barrel-chested build.


Whale half out of the sea, water spashing

Even though Whales and Hippoptoamuses look different from one another, they have a common ancestor that lived about 55 million years ago.


Dolphin in bright blue water, close up!

Dolphins are also from the group of cetaceans and share a common ancestor with hippos, which once lived over 55 million years ago. 

Cetaceans Characteristics

Cetaceans are warm-blooded mammals whose internal body temperature is roughly the same as us humans. They give birth to live young and feed them milk in their early stages. Cetaceans also breathe air through their lungs.

Do whales feed their babies milk?

Yes, whales feed their young milk, produced by the female’s mammary glands. It may be a strange sight to see this happen underwater, but this is where they feed their young, as it’s the environment in which they live. 

Do pigs feed their babies milk?

Yes, pigs feed their young milk produced by the female’s mammary glands. Piglets are nursed until the age of six weeks old. 

Do dolphins feed their babies milk?

Yes, dolphins feed their young milk, produced by the female’s mammary glands. The young dolphin will gently place their beak ajar into a slit and latch on to the teat. 

Do hippos feed their babies milk?

Yes, hippos feed their young milk produced by the female’s mammary glands. Hippos nurse their young until the age of eight months old. Hippos can feed their babies milk on land and underwater. 

How long do hippos live?

On average, Hippos live between the ages of 40 and 50. Hippos live longer in captivity, towards 50 years, and the wild hippos live closer to the early 40s range.

The oldest hippo to live was the age of 65. However, this is rare! Her name was Bertha, and she lived in the Manila Zoo in the Phillippines.

How heavy is a hippo?

Hippos can weigh up to 3,500 kg (7,700 lbs).

The heaviest hippo to be recorded weighed in at 9,000 pounds.

What animals are related to the hippo?

Hippos are related to pigs, whales, and dolphins.


Did you know that a hippo’s skin is around 2 inches thick? Having thick skin helps the hippos against predators such as the Spotted Hyena, Lion or Nile Crocodile by giving them extra layers in case of any attacks. However, the fat layer under the skin is fragile.

Bad Swimmers

Considering hippos are from a semiaquatic family, they aren’t great at swimming. However, they love to spend most of their time in lakes, rivers and mangrove swamps. 

Where does the name Hippopotamus come from?

The name Hippopotamus comes from the Greek name “River horse.”

What do hippos eat?

Hippos are mainly herbivores and eat vegetation such as grass, leaves, roots and fruits. However, they are known to be more omnivorous and often eat the meat they killed.

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