Strawberries and text Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?
Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries?

Can Rabbits Eat Strawberries? (Health Benefits)

A brown adult Rabbit
Can Rabbits eat strawberries?

Are you looking to treat your Rabbit to new foods? We all know they love their food and can get great enjoyment out of eating. Your Rabbit can get a little bored with eating the same foods. If you are wondering if Rabbits can eat strawberries, we can answer that for you.

Rabbits can eat Strawberries; they are full of vitamins and antioxidants. Not only are strawberries sweet tasting, but they are also very hydrating for Rabbits since they are mainly made of water. 

Benefits of strawberries


Strawberries are 91% water, and they keep your Rabbit hydrated. They are a good source of vitamin C, and although Rabbits can make their own vitamin C, they still prove an excellent added source for them. Along with Antioxidants, your Rabbit can benefit from this and live a long, happy life.

How many strawberries can they eat?

Any animal needs a well-balanced diet, don’t overfeed your Rabbit. Rabbits need only a few small strawberries or one medium-sized strawberry every now and now. If you feed a Rabbit too many, it could get diarrhoea and become bloated.

Can Rabbits eat the strawberry plant?

Strawberry plant
Strawberry plant – Stalk and Leaves

Yes, Rabbits can eat the plant of a strawberry. The strawberry plant adds a good source of Vitamins and antioxidants to their diet.

How much of the strawberry plant can a Rabbit eat?

Rabbit eating a strawberry stalk

Only feed your Rabbit a few leaves and a stalk at any one time and save the rest for another day.

Before feeding your Rabbit strawberries

Make sure you have thoroughly washed the strawberries, even the leaves and the stalk. Like most fruits in stores or on the market, they have had some pesticides or chemicals sprayed on them during the growing process. So making sure you have washed it off is vital for your Rabbit.

Strawberries can get messy.

Strawberries are very juicy, so after mealtime, give your Rabbit a once over, and any juice on their fur, it’s best to wash and wipe off. Keeping your Rabbit clean is very important since they are prone to infections and can attract unwanted bugs into their hutch.

First time feeding your Rabbit strawberries

Like any new foods you introduce to your Rabbit, you should always observe them for a bit. Your Rabbit could have an allergic reaction, although it’s uncommon in strawberries; however, it’s better to be safe than sorry. I am sure you would like to watch them enjoy this delicious fruit anyway.

Allergic reactions

In case of allergic reactions, remove the food and take your Rabbit to the nearest veterinary surgery. They may display clear discharge from the nose. Excessively touching nose and face. Their eyes may also become red and inflamed. These are all signs of allergic reactions in Rabbits.


Your Rabbit is going to love eating strawberries, just like us humans. We have learned that Rabbits can eat strawberries; they are safe and non-toxic. We also know they can eat the whole plant, but remember, not all in one go. Please limit your Rabbit to the correct portion size to avoid any upset tummies. Remember to wash the fruit before your Rabbit eats them.

Happy munching!

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