Three African honey bees and an African elephant
African Honey Bees

What Is An Elephant Afraid Of?

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African elephants are afraid of bees. They often create swarms of hundreds of bees and attack elephants when they get too close to their hive. The whole swarm attacks as a single unit and delivers hundreds of stings in just a few seconds. African elephants are not afraid of other predators, like lions or tigers. Still, they are terrified by the African honey bees because they deliver so many stings in such a short time.

Can African honey bees kill an elephant?

There is no doubt that the attacks of the African honey bee can quickly kill people. The lethal dose for a human adult is 500 stings at any one time. However, most people often wonder whether these honey bees can kill such massive animals, like an elephant.

Yes, enough stings at any one time from African honey bees can kill an elephant if it gets close to the beehive.

African elephants have slowly learned to avoid browsing on trees that have beehives in them.

What do the elephants do when they are getting stung?

According to the witnesses, in such situations, the elephants run away as fast as possible.

Elephants also know the sound of angry bees and often run in the other direction, even without seeing them. 

Help From African Honey Bees

Since elephants are scared of the honey bees, local farmers have used the bees to their advantage in places where there is a human-elephant conflict. 

Local farms have created fences with human-made beehives to attract the honey bees, which keeps the elephants away.

Using honey bees has reduced the human-elephant conflict in Kenya significantly.

Are elephants afraid of mice? 

People often believe that elephants are afraid of mice, but is there any truth behind this belief? 

No, it’s nothing but a myth that television shows and other media have propagated. The tale was that mice would climb up their trunks. However, elephants would blow out the mice if they ever did climb up. You should note that elephants will get scared by anything that moves around their feet fast, irrespective of its size or species. 

Are elephants afraid of tigers?

Due to the massive size of the full-grown elephants, tigers do not hunt them as often. However, if the tigers get a chance, they can and will kill elephant babies. That is why elephants always stay wary of tigers but are not afraid.

Are elephants afraid of lions?

Elephants are wary of lions. Apart from humans, lions are the only predators that have enough power to kill an Elephant. Even though lions do not take elephants as their natural prey, they are known to stalk and hunt elephants from time to time. It takes pride of 7 lionesses to take down a fully grown elephant. Lions are so mighty that a single male lion can overpower and kill a young elephant quickly.

Are elephants afraid of dogs?

There is another belief that elephants do not like dogs. The truth is, most of the time, elephants do not mind the dogs’ presence and are not afraid of them.

Some of the elephants are pretty fond of them. Dogs are not afraid of elephants and can stay with them as well. 

If elephants and dogs are cohabiting, whenever the elephant Moves, the dogs also move. If that does not happen, the elephant often gently notifies the dogs.

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