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Dolphins have more than one mate

Do Dolphins Have More Than One Mate? Multiple Partners But Single Mother Always!

Dolphins can have more than one mate. Dolphins are polygamous animals, so they do not mate with one their entire life. However, they can make long-lasting relationships with other dolphins in their group.

Some dolphins can be in their pod with three to four generations of family members. However, the dolphins of such family groups always make friends with other groups to prevent breeding with closely related family members.

Are Dolphins Monogamous?

No, dolphins are polygamous marine animals. These aquatic animals are very sexual creatures and are known for mating with multiple partners throughout the year. The members of some dolphin species can choose to mate anytime throughout the year. This behaviour is unique to the dolphins and unlike some whale species living in the ocean that only mate during mating season.

Do dolphins from different species get along?

Apart from being non-monogamous, the dolphins are also very interested in intermingling. There is evidence where dolphins are seen intermingling with members of other dolphin species and participating in several social activities like hunting, playing games, and socialising. They get along with other species just fine.

Do dolphins mate with other dolphin species?

Yes, dolphins can mate with other species, particularly the wholphin. These hybrid species have come from a common bottlenose dolphin and a false killer whale.

What’re the main differences between a false killer whale and a killer whale?

The main difference between a false killer whale and a killer whale is the size. A false killer whale is smaller than a killer whale. They are also different in colour. The colour of a false killer whale is dark grey, but the colour of a killer whales are black and white.

The skull shape of a false killer whale and a killer whale is very similar. 

Can Dolphins Get Jealous?

Dolphins can get jealous, but not all. The main factors of jealousy depend on their species, habitat and personality. Dolphins are so intelligent that they can understand complex social events. However, they also all have different characters, which often contributes to how jealous they can become, if at all.


Dolphins are polygamous animals, so they have multiple partners throughout their lives. But there is some evidence of dolphins showing jealousy over their partners. 

The number of opportunities a male dolphin gets to mate with the female group also depends on the specific dolphin species. Thus making them more or less jealous, fewer options for the male dolphins may lead to jealous behaviours. 

The Mating Process

The mating process of the dolphins is often very violent towards the females, and the males will often gang up on a single female to make her mate.

If the female dolphin tries to swim away, the male dolphins chase her down and surround her choreographically. All these movements are choreographed in a team so that it becomes almost impossible for the female member to escape.

The female, at some point, will have no choice but to mate with one or more of the dolphins belonging to the group.

Once she conceives and gives birth to a dolphin baby, all the males lose interest. The female dolphin will be her baby as a single mother for two to three years.

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