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Learn if dolphins and seals are friends

Do Dolphins And Seals Get Along? Is It Respect Or Best Friends?

Dolphins and seals live and get along in the same area. They are often hunting for the same type of food. Usually, they live together without being aggressive with each other. But when it comes to food, they can be competitive. However, the competition usually does not escalate into violence; in general, both animals respect each other. 

Respect But Not Best Friends

Seals and dolphins are far from the best of friends. Even though these two marine animals live side-by-side in the same area, they do not interact. 

But you will often find dolphins and seals hunting together in the same fish school. In this situation, members of the other species do not intervene or help in hunting. 

The dolphins often work together in their species to keep the school of fish in balled-up condition at a concentrated area so that it becomes easier for them to catch their food.

The seals often take advantage of this effort that the dolphins put together. Not only the seals, but also some sea birds, penguins, and even sometimes sharks also take advantage of the hard work of the dolphins.

Luckily while hunting for fish, the dolphins do not mind the presence of other marine animals and are happy to share the food.

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Do dolphins ever protect seals?

While the dolphins and the seals are not openly aggressive, they do not have a best-friend attitude. However, dolphins have always been known for their altruistic behaviours and for protecting seals.

Is it illegal to chase dolphins and seals?

Capturing wild dolphins and seals and killing them is illegal in most countries worldwide. Swimming with them is not unlawful. However, chasing or threatening wild animals in any way is illegal almost everywhere across the world.

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Do sea lions and seals live together?

Seals and sea lions aren’t as social with one another. Seals would rather spend more time leading solitary lives in the wild. Still, they occasionally live alongside each other but don’t hold close relationships. 

Are dolphins more intelligent than a seal?

Yes, dolphins are more intelligent than seals. They use language, have much more complex social structures, and even learn tricks! Dolphins can even recognise themselves in a mirror!

Could a dolphin kill a seal?

A dolphin can kill a seal but would have no chance on land. A dolphin has more skills in attacking than a seal does in water. However, a dolphin will very rarely kill a seal. But if they had to, a dolphin could quite easily.

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